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The software development team at FrontEdge Inc. offers decades of experience developing, customizing, and integrating software applications with a proven history of successful deployments.

With a complete array of services leveraging a mix of third-party and in-house applications and infrastructure you can:

  • Deliver software applications via the Web and mobile channels.
  • Speed delivery of new services to the market.
  • Customize software for your specific business needs.
  • Integrate systems to reduce duplicate data entry, cross-system disparity, and reduce data storage requirements
  • Outsource the support of legacy applications while your team focuses on new development or other business critical activities.
  • and More...
Business Process Automation

If you are sick of managing data and business processes in spreadsheets, a Microsoft Access database, or via another sub-optimal method, FrontEdge Inc. may be able to help you to automate your business processes.

In addition to streamlining business processes and cutting down on time and effort, business process automation often results in standardization of critical workflows, improved data quality, centralization of data (increased accessibility), and increased collaboration. 

Web Applications & E-commerce Solutions

The speed and accuracy with which FrontEdge Inc. can develop an e-commerce site to customer specification is made possible with the Development Team’s "E-Commerce Template".

In several steps, FrontEdge Inc. developers can gather information from a customer, populate a database, tailor the look and feel, secure credit card transactions, and have the business online and facilitating customer transactions within weeks. 

System Integration

Integrating systems throughout your organization, whether new or existing, typically results in massive savings in time, effort, and cost. The task of managing interfaces can be time consuming and costly. For businesses that do not have the resources to develop and manage interfaces internally, FrontEdge Inc. offers integration outsourcing services which may include the integration of existing customer systems with:

  • New 3rd party systems.
  • FrontEdge Inc. developed software/systems.
  • Other existing customer systems. 
The FrontEdge Approach

The Team at FrontEdge Inc. leverages well-defined software development processes and industry-standard tools to deliver world-class quality software. 

All members of the team at FrontEdge Inc. pride themselves at keeping up with and understanding the latest in standard and industry-best technologies and tools. Keeping up with changes in IT enables us to recommend better solutions, improves our ability to spot threats and opportunities, and earns us the trust of our customers. 

The team’s top priority is to provide customers with cost-effective and competitive technology solutions to business problems as practically and efficiently as is possible. 

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