FrontEdge Inc.

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Process engineering involves the design, deployment, maintenance, and continual improvement of business processes.

Sometimes FrontEdge Inc. is hired to engineer brand new business process (e.g. when an organization wants to make a strategic change in operation that involves the development/purchase and adoption of new operational software). Sometimes the team is hired to examine and improve existing business processes.

Business process engineering engagements result in detailed recommendations including both tactical and strategic actions involving both software and human resources. This improves the business's operation efficiency, cuts costs, reduces human resource efforts, and reduces IT burden. 

The FrontEdge Inc. Process Engineering Approach
  • Document Customer Current State
  • Define Customer Requirements & Improvement Metrics
  • Perform Gap Analysis & Develop System(s)/Process(es) Recommendations
  • Develop System(s)/Process(es), End-User Training, & Validation Metrics for Pilot
  • Perform System(s)/Process(es) Optimization Pilot
  • Fine-Tune System(s)/Process(es) Recommendations Using Pilot Results
  • Full-Scale Roll-out of Refined System(s)/Process