FrontEdge Inc.

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Members of the FrontEdge Inc. team have worked for businesses of all sizes from small local start-ups to international multi-billion dollar enterprise businesses. Our cross-functional team of project managers, engineers, and support staff have been hired to perform a wide range of IT-related projects from the very complex to the very simple.

The team at FrontEdge Inc. has:

  • Extensive experience designing, developing, and maintaining high-availability software as a service (SaaS) applications.
  • Designed and built highly scalable and optimally performing hosted environments to support multi-tenant SaaS applications. 
  • Physically planned for and migrated hardware and complete hosted infrastructure between geographically located class A data centers within only a few hours of planned downtime. 
  • Facilitated the deployment of complex new software and associated business processes in cross-functional organizations.
  • Dramatically improved the performance and user experience for patrons of a mature SaaS platform.  
  • Created highly secure and user-friendly e-commerce solutions for small, mid-sized businesses, and enterprise businesses.
  • Generated beautiful websites, custom-branded to clearly and professionally represent our customers on the Web. 
  • Designed and implemented complex systems integration, including the integration of new software with mature business-critical back-office systems. 
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