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Securely Maintaining Software Online "in the Cloud"

The "cloud" is a symbol used to represent the Internet on network diagrams. This means of software access is also referred to as "hosted" because software is maintained, or "hosted," by a service provider and is accessed by users who pay to use the software. "Cloud computing" is a term used to describe the use of software on the Internet to do tasks that traditionally would have been done on a personal computer.

We Host, You Login & Work Online

FrontEdge software and websites can be developed as "hosted or "cloud" solutions, which means the software/website infrastructure is maintained by FrontEdge Inc. and is accessed by customer users on the Internet.

This delivery model constitutes a compelling alternative to in-house software solutions, which require businesses to maintain not only the software, but the hardware infrastructure on which the software operates.

High Availability

FrontEdge Inc. typically guarantees 99.9% up-time of our hosted software and websites excluding planned maintenance.  Our maintenance window is from Saturday at 11:00 p.m. to Sunday at 4:00 a.m. EST. Typical maintenance lasts between 15 and 30 minutes.  Two to three times a year the full maintenance window is used to upgrade hardware and software. Backups are completed nightly both locally and offsite.

Benefits to FrontEdge Inc. Customers

As a highly-secure online service provider, FrontEdge Inc. delivers a combination of software as a service and traditional IT functions over the Internet (e.g. infrastructure management, security, monitoring, and data storage). Businesses that leverage FrontEdge Inc. software and websites reap a variety of benefits from the hosted model.

Infrastructure Cost Savings

Customers avoid the cost of setting up and maintaining in-house solutions because the FrontEdge Inc. system configuration affords customers access to powerful software operating in a powerful environment:

  • Redundancy

To provide the same level of system redundancy afforded clients of FrontEdge Inc., a customer would need to invest a great deal in infrastructure duplication and potentially increase IT staff to support it.

  • System Data Backup

FrontEdge Inc. performs a nightly differential backup of all system data and performs a full backup weekly—this backed up data can be restored at the request of users should they accidentally delete or otherwise lose information. To provide the same backup capability and storage space provided by FrontEdge Inc., you would need to purchase more hardware/disk space and may have to enact policies for data backups, pruning, and emergency restore.

  • Secure Data Center and System Monitoring

FrontEdge Inc. houses its hardware in a SAS70 compliant data center where the system is protected via network hardware and 24/7 monitoring, which prevents intrusions. Attempts to compromise the system are identified by the monitoring system and can be immediately investigated and addressed by the Support Team.

Many businesses do not have the security resources required to monitor and deploy a secure solution and protect student data the way FrontEdge Inc. does.

Reduce IT Staff Strain

Many business IT groups are understaffed and already have difficulty keeping up with desktop support issues and providing the energy required to keep the business technologically up, running, and online. Members of the FrontEdge Inc. Team handle the burden of system management and maintenance and the FrontEdge Inc. Support Team provides help to customers who need it, leaving customer IT staff free to focus on other things.

Continuous System Enhancements

The FrontEdge Inc. Development Team works to continuously improve the features and functionality available in our systems and software. The team does not charge customers for many new system features because new features and system enhancements can easily be posted to the hosted site, where users login as usual and immediately reap the benefit of the new functionality or system enhancement.

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