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It is a simple but powerful fact that customers are the driving force of all businesses. 

Evolving with Customer Expectations. There are two major shifts that have occurred in the last decade: (1) Information is easily attainable and constantly shifting, offering more alternatives for customers considering products and making buy decisions, and (2) there are new and improved communication methods for marketing products and services and reaching out to consumer audiences. 

With this in mind, the term “e-commerce” does not just describe the sale of goods over the Internet, it also refers to the unique online experience that a customer participates in and the level of satisfaction they gain from the experience. 

Bringing Businesses Online

The team at FrontEdge Inc. is ready to help businesses claim their place on the World Wide Web.   

Swift Development. The speed and accuracy with which FrontEdge Inc. can develop an e-commerce site to customer specification is made possible with the Development Team’s "E-Commerce Template." In several steps, FrontEdge Inc. developers can gather information from a customer, populate a database, tailor the look and feel, secure credit card transactions, and have the business online and facilitating customer transactions within weeks. 

Customer Focus. The FrontEdge Inc. Development Team works closely with the customers to ensure that all deliverables are created to customer specification, diminishing the likelihood of the types of miscommunications customers may experience with larger development companies. 

Hosting & Comprehensive Maintenance. Once a website has been created, FrontEdge Inc. can host and maintain it, freeing businesses to focus on "how" to improve sales rather than spending valuable business resources to maintain their web presence. Outsourcing to FrontEdge Inc. enables businesses to focus on their core competencies. FrontEdge will keep up with technology advancements and recommend upgrades when necessary, not only in your e-commerce site, but in the hardware and software infrastructure on which your website resides.  

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