FrontEdge Inc.

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Having developed web-based applications for years, FrontEdge Inc. has accumulated a repository of code that accomplishes a variety of tasks from validating credit card numbers to converting miles to kilometers. Customers leveraging this functionality have had such success with this code that FrontEdge has made it available for purchase on Component Source.

Example Microsoft COM+ Components
  • FE Cardscreen - Validate Credit Card Numbers
  • FE Unit Converter - Eases Financial and Scientific Number Conversions
Contact Us

If you require a component, please contact us and describe the features you need and we will provide you with a quote. 

Note: If FrontEdge Inc. has not yet developed a component that will meet your needs and the team deems the component you require to be valuable enough to other FrontEdge Inc. customers, we will give it to you free for providing the idea.